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Implant Dental Price Chart

Dr. Nguyen Than (Implant Speacialist) will direct diagnosis and treatment Lifetime Warranty


Dentium NR Line (Korea)10.990.000
Dentium Super Line (USA)11.490.000
Tekka (France)14.490.000
Neodent Helix - Straumann15.000.000 Diccount price: 12.000.000
Straumann SL Active ® (Switzerland)20.990.000
Nobel Biocare Active (USA)15.992.000
Straumann BLT SLA (Switzerland)17.490.000

Abutment on Implant

Dentium NR LINE(Korea)4.490.000
Dentium SUPERLINE(USA)5.490.000
TEKKA (France)5.990.000
Neodent Helix - Straumann6.000.000 Discount price: 4.800.000
Straumann SL Active7.590.000
Nobel Active (USA)7.490.000
Straumann BLT SLA (Switzerland)6.990.000

Cosmetic Crown – Bridge & Crown

High quality all-porcelain crown CAD/CAM (Germany)

Zirconia (Germany)4.500.000
Cercon (Germany)5.500.000
Cercon HT (Germany)6.200.000
Răng sứ Zirconia Zolid5.500.000 Discount price: 4.400.000
3M Lava Plus (USA)6.200.000

Metal frame crown (Germany)

 Metal frame crown (Germany) (Germany)1.500.000
Titanium frame Crown (Germany)2.500.000

High quality Veneer CAD/CAM (Germany)

Veneer Emax Press5.800.000 Discount price: 4.640.000
Veneer Emax Multi6.500.000 Discount price: 5.200.000

Price list of Orthordontics

Discount: 3.000.000 (Payment according to treatment progress)

Ceramic Braces

Simple orthordontics case27.000.000
Brace 1 jaw (upper jaw or lower jaw)27.000.000
Brace both jaws (simple case)35.000.000
Brace both jaws (complex case)42.000.000
Brace both jaws (complex & long time case)47.000.000 - 52.000.000

Metal Braces

Simple orthordontics case15.000.000
Brace 1 jaw (upper jaw or lower jaw)15.000.000
Brace both jaws (simple case)23.000.000
Brace both jaws (complex case)30.000.000
Brace both jaws (complex & long time case)35.000.000 - 40.000.000

Insvisalign Orthordontics

Invisalign I7 (Simple case)55.800.000
Invisalign Lite100.000.000
Invisalign Full122.500.000


Note: If your teeths are not white and bright, Peace Dentistry will not charge
Tooth Whitening plasma pola office at Peace Dentistry2.500.000 (Save 20%)  2.000.000
Tooth Whitening at home1.500.000
Tooth Whitening for root canal teeth1.200.000
Gel tooth Whitening at home300.000
Tray of whitening300.000

(Unit: VND)